Check In and Check Out


Registration is open from 10:30am-1:00pm.  To assure fast check in, specific check-in times will be assigned to each team. This specific check- in time will be assigned close to the date of registration and will be emailed to you the week of camp. (Special consideration will be given to teams traveling long distance to camp.)




We will be conducting registration in the John A. Hauser Fieldhouse located in the Bream Wright Hauser Athletic Complex. Directions to the field house as well as a map of how registration will work will be emailed to you within the week prior to camp. Additionally, once you get on campus, you will see signs that direct you to the field house.



Each team has been assigned an optimal check in time. If you come during your team’s assigned check in time then you will be given “head of the line privileges” (you can go to the front of the line). Of course, you are always free to check in at any time however, please understand that if you come at another team’s optimal check in time they will be served first. Please note: optimal check-in time schedules will be included in the email packed sent out a week before camp.



You must complete check-in to receive-Dorm / Lanyard / Key /Meal-Access Card / Wrist band.

Your coach is responsible to collect keys and meal/access cards before checkout. Lost keys are  $75.00, lost meal/access cards are $10.00- Please, do not loose keys or access cards!!  You must keep key and meal/access cards together (a lanyard will be provided to each player for this purpose).






1.     Keep in mind that coaches are responsible for players while in dorms and getting players to every game on time. (See that everyone attends)

2.     When going to the fields please STAY OFF grass and private yards. WALK ON THE SIDEWALK!!

3.     Trainers will be on call during and after games. They WILL NOT be available after 8:30pm. See the trainer at the field


1.     Smoking and use of illegal drugs and alcoholic beverages are not permitted. (Due to PA law, any players caught with drugs or alcohol will be removed from campus and police will be notified.)

2.     The directors reserve the right to send home, at the parents’ expense, any camper or group of campers whose behavior is deemed disruptive to the best interest of the camp community, with no refund.

3.     All campers must abide by the rules of the GaitCup National Tournament.


1.     No cleats in dorms

2.     No lacrosse playing anywhere EXCEPT lacrosse fields

3.     No running, any type of rough housing, or ball playing in dorms

4.     Keep room, hall, and bathroom clean

5.     Trash cans are on the first floor of every dorm

6.     Lights out at 10:30PM

7.     All players must be in by 10:30- Coaches, this is your responsibility



The directors of GaitCup reserve the right to cancel, shorten, or reschedule tournament games due to inclement weather, poor field conditions, or player and fan safety concerns. No refunds will be granted if these actions are necessary. Field directors will communicate game changes. Schedule changes will be available at the Information Tent.


PLAYERS: ALL PLAYERS MUST REPORT to their Team Coach for checkout, handing in Keys and Meal cards.

ON CAMPUS TEAMS: Teams staying on campus WILL NOT be able to checkout until ALL PLAYERS rooms are cleared by our GaitCup Security Staff. Staff will be checking dorms during checkout times. You will not be allowed to checkout without confirmation from GaitCup Security Staff.

COACHES: ALL TEAM COACHES are responsible for returning All KEYS & MEAL CARDS from every player. Coaches must wait while keys are sorted and counted.


Friday of camp from 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM in The Dive, which is located in the Athletic Center.


Saturday of camp from 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM located in The Dive, which is located in the Athletic Center.

*If a player wishes to check out BEFORE 6:00 PM on Friday then he must have his room checked by his coach. Coaches are responsible for that player’s key and meal card.