Filming Services

The CruitCast Live Recruiting Platform is coming to the 2017 Gait Cup National Tournament. College coaches, family members, and friends will be able to view the Live-Stream and Live-Stats from their desktop, tablet, and mobile devices and even cast to television screens.


Live Player Accounts are available to all participating athletes. These accounts are connected directly to the Live-Streaming Platform for viewers to easily browse player information. These accounts can access the Video Archives where all game footage from the event can be downloaded at no additional cost – Players can build their Live Accounts Here.


Live Viewer Accounts are available for all those who cannot attend the event or would like to easily view all Live fields. These accounts can access our Video Archives with unlimited free downloads and browse player information – Viewers can build their Live Viewer Accounts Here.


In addition, all video will be recorded in High Definition 1080p resolution, from elevation, and zoomed in so viewers can get the best perspective possible.


Athletes without a Live Player Account can choose from (3) Game Film Packages – Single Game Film is the raw footage from just one game. All Game Film is the raw footage from every game your team played. Full Team Access splits the cost so all players can get access to all games making quality video as affordable as possible – Click Here For Game Film


All Athletes can choose from (2) Highlight Reel Packages – A Professional Package means CruitCast pros pick out all the best plays. A Custom Package means the athlete picks out the best plays. Upon placing an order, the athlete will receive a form to report which plays are included. These packages may be more specific to the type of plays the athlete would like and are also more affordable – Click Here For Highlight Reels


All video packages come with unlimited downloads and can be edited by and shared with anyone or hosted on a CruitCast Live Player Account.