WHAT WILL GAITCUP DO FOR YOU… as a Coach, as a Parent, or as a Player

1.     Give you the opportunity to be seen by a wide array of college coaches

2.     Advance your team’s competitive standards by playing great competition in a championship format

3.     Develop your team’s energy and synergy by playing and living together on a college campus

WHAT DOES GAITCUP OFFER…On the field and on the campus

1.     Great college facilities on the picturesque campus of Gettysburg College

2.     Top division 1 and division 3 college coaches facilitating each field

3.     Professional college and high school referees

4.     A nationally ranked top 10 college dinning food service




GaitCup is a national lacrosse tournament that has become one of the nation’s top tournaments for high school students held in Gettysburg, PA. It has hosted teams from across the US, Canada as well as the UK.

GaitCup provides a unique opportunity for coaches and players to gather and practice team building both on and off the field. Students are given opportunities to build better bonds and communication on the field as well as to strengthen personal relationships during down time around the dorms.

Because of the national recognition of GaitCup throughout the years, the tournament now hosts many of the top ranked college coaches for scouting purposes during the event. Students are given a great opportunity, not only to impress their current coaches and teammates, but to also make an impact on their future.

Along with the excitement of the tournament, Gettysburg offers an array of attractions, ranging from historical segway excursions to golfing to fine dining. Whether a player, coach or family member, GaitCup provides an action-packed weekend of fun and excitement.